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Nancy & Henry in Amsterdam, August 2007
Henry is a retired mechanical engineer, his specialty was wind turbine design.  A sailor since his teens, Henry and his wife, Nancy cruised the Great Loop in the 80's aboard their 33-foot motorsailer Emily Belle.  Later, they cruised the European waterways aboard their 45-ft Dutch steel motorbarge based in Holland.  Recently, aboard their 34-foot PDQ powercat Sno' Dog (she's no dog, she's a cat) they cruised from Lake Ontario through Lake Champlain and on to their home base in Portsmouth, NH.  In the summer of 2007, they joined the PDQ Baltic Adventure cruising some 1200 miles through five countries of northern Europe.  Since then, taking advantage of the economy of their powercat, they continue to travel south for the winter and back to New England for the summer months.  Since purchasing Sno' Dog, Henry has kept an active web log documenting their many adventures on SnoDogLog.com.
  A more recent photo of Henry,
  long-time catamaran owner.
(Did I mention, I have a twin?)
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