The m/v ZAANDAM transiting the Panama Canal.  If you look closely, you can see Nancy & I up there! (On second level)

LOA:    780 feet
Beam:   106 feet
Tonnage:  63,000
Power: 5 x 9 MW
(61,000 HP)
Propulsion: 2 x 13 MW
(45,200 HP) electric
Cruise Speed: 21 kts
Max speed: 23 kts
Fuel Consumption:
85 gal / naut mile
Potable Water Prod'n:
370,000 gal / day

Guests: 1,440
Crew:  650
Heading out the inlet from Ft Lauderdale
Our stateroom, Cabin #3414 on the Lower Promenade deck
Henry & Nancy in Informal attire, one step up from Casual
Formal night! I'm wearing my father's 60-yr old tux!
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In the photo to left you
can see Zaandam
Captain Werner
Timmers at the controls
bringing the ship into
Oranjestad, Aruba.  
Behind him are two
crew members and the
Harbor Pilot who came
aboard 15-minutes
earlier.  We watched
the whole thing through
the glass behind the
bridge.  Strangely, not
another person (of the
1400 + guests aboard)
ever came up here to
watch the docking
manuvers. In this
photo, the Captain is
looking aft and he has
his hand on the forward
  Nancy watching the sunset on the Lower Promenade Deck - where is everybody?
(Perhaps many on board consider this the cocktail hour?  I was also surprised how many
people hung out in the casino even when the weather was gorgeous and the scenery terrific).
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Here we are on the last
formal night sitting with
our table mates.
Left to right:
Nancy & Henry,
Sharon & Carl of Los
Gatos, Claudette & Matt of
Ontario, Canada,
and (not in the photo)
Bobby & Ann of
Fernandina Beach.
It was a most convivial
group, we really enjoyed
this aspect of our cruise!
Food onboard the
Zaandam was excellent
and the service was even
better.  Hard to imagine a
fancy restaurant doing any
better - certainly not any
place we'd likely go!