Henry M Clews & Christopher S "Kit" Clews (both with beards) in the summer of 2003
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Here we are celebrating our 64th birthday - November 19, 2008.   When we were young, our parents
dressed us in different colors so they could tell us apart - Henry in blue, Kit in red.  Do you think it
had a lasting effect on our color preferences?
Here we are (again with beards) in the summer of 1986 at the "Waves" in Newport, RI.
Circa 2006...  We are posing in front of portraits painted by our mother when we were about 4
years old.  The portrait in the center (also by mother,
Margaret S Clews) is of her mother (our
grandmother) Margaret LaRue Strawbridge.  Henry's on the left, Kit on the right.  (I shaved off
my beard because it was turning white.)
In Florida, winter 2008.  Kit on the left (with the Heineken), Henry on the right (with the Corona).
                              (Very unusual for Kit to be wearing a blue shirt!)
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Not sure if twins are really inherited, nevertheless I had a set!  This is Leta (now Leithan)
Charlotte, about 6 months old - in the summer of 1975.
And finally....
When we were young, we really looked alike.  As if two weren't enough, my father staged this
double exposure of us standing in front of blanket.  I added the labels so you could tell who's who.
I'm guessing this photo (and the one below) were taken in 1952 when we were about 6 years old.
Another, oh so clever shot of us in cowboy and Indian outfits.  Our dog "Tory" seems to have
slipped into the right hand shot.
Going a bit farther back in time...
Most recent photo - November 8, 2012 - Two weeks before our 68th birthdays.
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