Rideau Gallery - Page 3 - Ottawa River to Burlington, VT
Oops! A boat (which will remain nameless) missed a marker and ran aground doing 15 knots in the lower Ottawa River.  Sno' Dog became Tow Dog and successfully pulled them off - with some additional help from Miss My Money.
Anchored in Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT. 
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John Mills' Tyger running at 15 knots in the Ottawa River
The Tejeda's (and Salwa) aboard Sea Seņor running at speed
All six boats in the huge 65' deep Carillon Lock on the Ottawa Riv.
A cable ferry in the Richelieu.  Cables clearly visible both front and rear.
Only 50 miles from the border, but a world apart.  This micro-brewery (with it's specialty orange-flavored brew could easily have been in France or Belgium.
Sno Dog docked at the first lock of the Chambly Canal ready for tomorrow's 8:30 opening.
Chambly sunset.  The Chosen church.
Raymarine screen showing our speed-over-the-ground at 23.6 knots!
  (If you're really good, you can see where we were at the time.)
Here, the radar (purple) is overlaid with the plotter.  The big blob is a thunderstorm which moved over us in Lk Champlain.
Smooth cruising at 16-knots on Lake Champlain.  Like flying low, only smoother and quieter!  The small wake is an indication of how efficient this boat is, I suspect our fuel burn at this speed is under 5 gal/hr for both engines.
   We plan to continue the trip to Portsmouth, NH
    next week. Stay tuned...
Nancy's parents out for a ride near Burlington, VT.
  (That's a
Friendship Sloop in the background.)
   Added 06/10/06: Some more photos and commentary:
Rideau Flotilla Photos - Page 4
Note the small wake of the boats below - to me, a sign of a good design!