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View of the dam which forms Gatun Lake by damming the Chagras River.  This river and lake provide
the water to operate the locks which consume about 80 million gallons for each ship passing through.
After transiting the three locks into Gatun
Lake, we left the ship (via tender) and boarded
a bus (named "Henry") which took us to Colon
where we boarded a domed observation car of
the Panama Canal Railway.  This took us, in
about 45 minutes, across the isthmus -  
alongside the canal - to the Pacific Coast and to
the town of Panama City.
These beautiful domed cars, reminiscent of another era, come complete with guide and very cute hostesses!
Above -  we are looking back at the metropolis of Panama City from the last island out in the
Pacific (now connected via a causeway) which guards the entrance to the Panama Canal. In the
foreground are a new marina and restaurant.
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The famous Pan-American bridge across the Pacific side of the Canal.  This bridge allows you
to drive to Panama City (and beyond - but still not yet to South America) from New York City,
if you so desire. That's the famous Nancy (who "travels with Henry") in the foreground.  But I
don't know the name of the famous bird.
A surprising fact about Panama City is that it's the only city on the
American Continent where you can watch the sun RISE over the
Pacific Ocean!
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