LED Boat Lights
A Supplement to SnoDogLog
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New LED starboard side navigation light installed on Sno' Dog.
(Click on photo for larger view, or mouse over for a close-up.)
The original lights installed by PDQ were not waterproof and
required considerable maintenance and frequent bulb changes, so I
decided the rather high price ($129 - on sale) for a pair of these
was justified.  Since they were from Perko and looked identical to
the old lights, I thought it would be an easy replacement.  But,
naturally, they required a completely different set of holes.
February 10, 2012 - As suggested by Dick Tuschick at the PDQ Rendezvous,
I decided to install LED navigation lights on
Sno' Dog. (See below...)
New LED port side navigation light installed on Sno' Dog
(Click on photo for larger view, or mouse over for a close-up)
The electrical portion of the new lights (Perko P/N 0602-DP1)
appears to be completely sealed, so I'm hopeful that these guys
will last for a while.  They appear to be brighter than their
incandescent replacements, and amazingly, they draw only 0.6
watts apiece instead of the 10 watts of the original incandescents.
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We have also replaced some of our interior lights
with LED's
.  For the "hockey puck" overhead lights, I
was able to find an LED unit that directly replaces the
tiny 10-watt incandescent bulb and it actually fits into
the existing fixture.  The type I chose were model
G4-9HPWW, I ordered them from
These "warm white" lights have 9 LED's and appear to
be just as bright as the old 10-watt bulbs - while
drawing less than 1/10th the power and producing
very little heat.
For the "chart light" flexible fixtures, I was also able to
find a direct replacement "bulb" (also at Mastlight).
These are model MR11GA15WW, also warm white,
and they cost about $10 apiece. (See below and at left.)
And, while we're on the subject of LED lights,
.     here are some fun photos of exterior LED's...
New LED interior overhead light - installed in the existing fixture.
A close-up of the LED interior overhead light -
purposely underexposed to show the 9-LED pattern.
.  This is Tom Mamczur's Katatomic on which he has installed
.  "RGB" LED light strips.  As RGB's, they can change color -
see video clip (a 1st for
SnoDogLog) of the lights in action below.
More of Tom Mamczur's very well-lit Katatomic...
Here's an old incandescent G4 bulb next to its LED replacement.
In order to make the new LED's fit into the existing fixtures,
     I snipped about 1/2-inch off the wire leads.
Here's an incandescent MR11 bulb next to its LED replacement.
These new LED bulbs fit directly into the existing PDQ fixtures.
Mouse-over this photo to see the lights change color.
Here's Tom demonstrating (to Ninette, Nancy & me) how he
can change the color of his lights with a little remote clicker.
One well-lit boat!  From a distance, she looks positively radioactive!
Here's a video clip of Katatomic's lights in action:
Tom narrates while changing the lights with his remote control.
Tom reports that he was able to find these light strips at very
reduced prices on e-bay.  He also found
a site on e-bay for the
interior LED's (mentioned above) where they offer a quantity
10 G4 LED's for $15.99 - that's a mere $1.60 apiece!