Hoversite 2003
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Thrust Duct,
Rudders &
Lift Wing
and the
System (our
own design)...
Above, the thrust duct is glued into place using a full can
of "Great Stuff" expanding foam.  We used the prop on
its shaft as a guide to help locate the duct.
The rudders and lift wing can be seen under construction
to the left.
The tail assembly takes shape.
In the photos to the right and below you can see the
elements of our
unique control system.  Instead of
cables and pulleys, we used a single torque-tube running
all the way to the back of the rudder.  An actuator rod
extends from the tube directly to the back of the rudder.
The control stick is made entirely from EMTfittings - no
welding required.
As you can see, the torque tube is off center (there was
not enough room under the engine). To route it through
the thrust duct, we placed a 1" dia EMT guide tube down
there before foaming the duct in place.
A one-piece torque tube extends through the thrust duct to back of rudder.
Full right rudder
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             Maiden Flight,
Trailer starts to take shape...
The cockpit showing controls
For the trim wing control, we used a separate actuator cable
with a lockable T-handle -- purchased from an auto parts store.
 Pull up to raise bow, push down to lower it.

Separating the the yaw and pitch controls in this way greatly
simplified the stick design.

For the throttle, we used a bicycle brake handle and cable assy.
The tail end showing details of the torque tube rudder control system
Torque tube and engine cables routed aft
The 5/16" actuator rod runs up through a hole in a 1/8" aluminum plate attached
to the back of the rudder.  It's kinda crude, but so far, it seems effective.