Half Moon Cay  -  Bahamas
Half Moon Cay is
the name given to
this Bahamian island
by Holland America
Lines who allegedly
own the entire
island.  On my
hand-held GPS
Garmin GPS-map
) the ship's
mooring position
was N 24° 34.49,
W 075° 57.76 and
the island is shown
as "Little San
Zaandam's navigation screen showing our location and route from Florida
One of  Zaandam's powercat launches ferrying folks ashore
The (uncrowded) half-moon-shaped beach at Half Moon Cay
Many activities were possible during this all-day stop at a typical idyllic Bahamian out-island.  We signed up for a
snorkeling-by-boat trip, but it was too rough.  So we decided to take advantage of the wind and rent
Hobie Cats.
It's been about 30 years since I sailed one - it was a blast!  Hard to beat: air temp 80°, water temp 78°, wind 20 kts!
No caption needed for this photo!
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Nancy in the church doorway - a popular place
                           for weddings
Hobie Cats
HMC - 02-26-06