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A house for all Seasons!    Click on the photos below to view FULL SIZE image...
The north side of the house faces the driveway. The new rear entry door and (insulated) mud room were added in 2004.
The west and south sides of the house.  A full length porch extends along the south side with a "sleeping porch" above.
The new 2-car Garage built in 2004 adds much storage.
In addition to electric overhead doors, the garage has
two access doors.  There are also stairs to the second
floor storage area which has over 7 feet of headroom.
Winter comes to Hanover!
A panoramic view of the property behind the house showing the available parking spaces. (Space #5 is now part of 22A next door.)
The large back yard extends to the back wall of the CVS store.
 The new downstairs bathroom.
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The south-west bedroom, presently my (very messy) office.
If you click on this photo, you will see our cat on top of the
copy machine which is on top of the file cabinets. For more
Interior photos, see  
Photo Gallery, Page 2 - Interior.
The Interior of the house is mostly in
it's original state.  Walls are plaster over
lath, the wood trim is laquered bright
spruce, and the floors are varnished
maple hardwood. More interior photos
can now be seen at:
Gallery Page 2.
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