Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Captain's-eye view from the bridge as we enter the Ft. Lauderdale inlet at 5:30 AM at the end of our voyage.
Arriving back in Fort Lauderdale was one of
the highlights of the cruise for me - second
only to transiting the Panama Canal!  Like the
Canal, we arrived before dawn - but unlike in
Capt. Timmers (in the foreground) at the controls
The Enchantment of the Seas followed us in and docked just ahead of us
Panama, I was the
only passenger to
witness this
gorgeous sight.
I've entered this inlet
myself on several
occasions returning
from the Bahamas
so I easily
recognized the
landmark four
striped chimneys
from a long way out
Once inside the cut,
we did a great little
paso doble around
Enchantment of
the Seas
and backed
into our slip.  Not
only was there a
great sunrise, there
was also a full moon!
Full moon over Ft. Lauderdale
Looking across the bow of the Zaandam toward the city at dawn
View from our cabin window after docking in Ft. Lauderdale
The photo at right was taken before our departure (but
the same operation began all over again soon after we
docked). What you see here is
23 palets full of
passenger luggage
being loaded by a fork lift into the
ship.  Pretty impressive!
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