On the main street in Oranjestad, Aruba - the Dutch influence is unmistakable.
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A highlight of our short visit to Aruba was
our voyage aboard the
submarine Atlantis.
This 65-ft sub can take 48 passengers down
to a depth of 150 feet.  It is powered by
electric motors (with power supplied by
batteries) and has an underwater cruise
speed of 3 - 4 knots.  The Atlantis IV class
subs were designed and built in 1991 - at
the time, quite amazing.
Inside the sub - looking forward
View from sub window.  We did see many fish, but it was hard to
catch them on film - especially with a digital camera!
Aruba, One Happy Island!
These plates were for sale for $3,
I brought one home to put on the
front of my car. (Unfortunately,
I'll have to wait 'til we move to
Florida because NH uses 2 plates).
The Atlantis Sub on the surface.  
Since the captain has no
above-water visibility, a boat
comes alongside once the sub
surfaces to guide it to port  - or to
embark and disembark
passengers at sea