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All about Dinghies
We immediately set to work making Sno' Dog our own.  High on the list was setting up the dinghy on
the davits.  We ended up choosing the
AB Laminna 9.5 AL and were a bit nervous about how this
oversized dinghy might fit.  No problem, as it turned out.  She fits like a glove with the aft tube snugged
into the davit supports.  I was very impressed with the new davit hardware provided by PDQ, it's
top-of-the-line Harken and both lines are now routed to the port side, so one person can pull both lines
simultaneously.  Even with the motor mounted, the dinghy is easy to raise and lower. For some close-up
photos of the
dinghy mounted on Sno' Dog  click here.
Heading out onto Lake Ontario with fourteen other new PDQ 34's - 9 boats visible in this photo.  An exciting start!
Click here for more commentary and photos on our Rideau Flotilla...
Or, click here to jump to the Rideau Photo Gallery - 4 pages now up...
Photo at right:
Snow on Sno' Dog!  
After a 10-minute
hailstorm in Westport,
Ontario, there was
enough snow on the
boat to scoop up a
(photo by
Salwa of PDQ
05/20/06 - Finally!  The ACTUAL Log of the Sno' Dog Begins...
Nancy and I - and my brother, Kit - drove to
Whitby with a carload full of stuff.  Arriving at Port
Whitby Marina we came upon
fifteen sparkling clean
PDQ 34 Powercats awaiting their new owners.  I've
seen it before (last year), but it's still an amazing sight!
Henry emerging from the forward starboard port
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.      New 07/30/06
. Performance Figures
.   & Technical Stuff
.      Here, you will find:  Sno Dog Log entries dating from  December 2007   and going back to
May 14, 2006,  the day we took delivery of Sno' Dog !
   (as on the Cover Page entries appear in reverse order; with the most recent entries at the top)
We officially took delivery of our new boat in Whitby, Ontario on
May 14th, 2006.  Read the story below, then click on the links to see
the many photos of our
Rideau Canal Flotilla - which took us from
Whitby to Kingston and Ottawa and Montreal, Quebec.  We then
continued on our own to Burlington, VT and finally down the Hudson,
through NYC and up the New England coast to our home port of
Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

06/24/06 - We've arrived at our summer home-port of Portsmouth, NH.  Photos and
story to follow soon...In the mean time, check out the newly-posted
4th Annual PDQ
Spring Flotilla feature on the PDQ website for a great photo essay featuring "our" trip
from Whitby all the way to the Richelieu River at the US border.
Hudson River Lighthouse
07/01/06 - Burlington, VT to Portsmouth, NH - four new pages of photos &
commentary now posted...
Click here to view.  Overall, we couldn't be more
pleased with our new boat.  With fuel now approaching $3 per gallon, we're sure
happy we picked such an economical cruiser.  From Whitby, Ontario to
Portsmouth, NH, we filled our diesel tanks only three times!  Having just topped
off at Great Bay Marina, our average fuel use to date, after
111 hours of cruising,
comes out to
3.64 gallons per hour.  Not too shabby for a two-cabin cruiser with
a 16-knot cruising speed.    
more details...
.   07/22/06 - Just back from a two-week cruise on the coast of Maine...
Henry, Nancy and (snow dog) Madison head off for a two-week cruise on coast of Maine.    
We assumed from the beginning that our Norwich Terrier Madison would be
our cruising companion, but until now, there's always been a convenient way
to leave her home.  So it was with a bit of trepidation that we loaded her aboard
- particularly on a cruise where we anticipated spending many nights moored
out away from the dock. (It worked out just fine!)  
Read on... (& see photos)
Our cruise took us from Portsmouth, New Hampshire
up (down?) the Maine coast past Wells and York
Harbors to Kennebunkport and Cape Porpoise then into
Portland harbor.  Here, we visited my oldest son Henry
(38) his wife and their two kids - the first two of my
five grandchildren whom we managed to visit on this trip!
Read On...  (and, of course, see lots of photos!)
Super-dog Madison
Nancy at 16 knots!
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.    08/10/06 - We have decided that we will be joining the 2007 PDQ
.    Baltic Adventure next summer!  We have sent in our deposit (1/4
.    of the estimated shipping costs) and we've started checking out the
.    territory and looking into possible routes...
read more, see route map
09/12/06 - Just back from a week on the southeast coast of ALASKA
Cruise ships waiting to dock  in Ketchikan, Alaska on the inside passage
With Nancy's parents (who missed last
Panama Cruise), we cruised
Alaska's Inside Passage ...
Link to
photo pages
09/22/06 - Haul-out, bottom-wash & zinc replacement.  Exciting stuff!
Never having seen the bottom of
Sno' Dog before, it was
interesting to see what she really
looks like "under there".  
here for more and larger photos...
Easy to see why she's so efficient -
like two big canoes in the water
10/22/06 - We're en-route SOUTH.  Departed Portsmouth 10/04 - expect to be in Jacksonville, FL by 11/01
11/02/06 -  Sno' Dog is now in FLORIDA ! ! !
Having just completed a 1475-mile run from Portsmouth,
NH, I'm happy to report that
Sno' Dog is now resting
comfortably at her new posh digs near Jacksonville, FL.
Who says a PDQ won't fit into a Florida slip?
It would be hard to find a covered slip like this in N.E.
The trip took 24 days. Total running time was 118 hours;
total fuel used was 480 gallons.  This works out to an
average speed of 10.9 knots (12.5 mph), average fuel
consumption of 4.07 US gallons / hour and a mileage of
3.1 miles per gallon. (Total cost of fuel for the trip was
$1196 USD).  I don't believe there's any other boat with
the comfort of the PDQ that could even come close to
these numbers.  Needless to say, we are very pleased.  
PLUS, we had a really great trip! For pictures and story
on our trip south,
click here.  For detailed entries of fuel
consumption and mileage, see updated
Performance Page.
Click on the photo to start your trip to Florida!
(Pg 1)
Individual NH-FL Pages:  Pg 1, Pg 2, Pg 3, Pg 4, Pg 5, Pg 6
12/26/06 -
Jacksonville -
St. Johns River
Cruise -
December '06
We cruised south
on the St. Johns as
far as Palatka -
some 40 miles
south of
read on.
12/25/06 Click for
Merry Christmas!
New 07/30/06
Performance Figures
& Technical Stuff
.  On this Page: Starting in May 2006...  We take delivery of Sno' Dog.  We participate in the PDQ Flotilla...
.           through Lake Champlain & on to New Hampshire.   We cruise the coast of Maine with dog Madison.
.           We sign up for the Baltic Adventure.   We go on an Alaska Cruise.   We head South for the Winter.
.           We load up in Ft. Lauderdale and head for Finland and the Great PDQ Baltic Adventure - 18 Pages!
.           We return to Newport, RI.  After a brief stay in NH, we head South to FL once again for the Winter.
SnoDogLog - Pg 1
.  02/08/07 - In preparation for our Baltic Adventure, I've been working on a route through the Netherlands.
.  03-07-07 -  Powerboat Reports has just published a review of the PDQ 34 in their March 2007 issue.
.  Click here to see the review online. Or, click here to see a reasonable facsimile of it here on Sno' Dog Log.
. 04-07-07 - Added my own un-official Itinerary to the
.            '07 Baltic Adventure page.  Also, 3 new PDQ Forum posts.
Itinerary updated 05/29/07
.  05-10-07 - Sno' Dog is now resting (very!) comfortably in Ft. Lauderdale
.             awaiting pick-up for the great Baltic Adventure.  Click here.
.  04-30-07 - We now have  Dual Depth Sounders - one in each hull!.
06/07/07 - The Baltic Adventure  begins...
Six PDQ's were successfully loaded aboard the
Suomigracht in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday,
June 6th.  Naturally, the event was well documented -     
despite the pouring rain!  See the full report:
Adventure - Page 2
PDQ's headed for
also avail (06/09/07) Page 3
.  Summer 2007...
.  Sno' Dog is now in Europe participating in the
.   great PDQ Baltic Adventure.   For the latest update,
.   check our  Baltic Adventure Pages:  Pg 1   Pg 2   Pg 3   Pg 4   Pg 5   Pg 6   Pg 7   Pg 8   Pg 9   Pg 10   Pg 11 ...
Finland            Sweden            Denmark          Germany         Holland
Also, there is now an official PDQ Web Log for this trip - for the latest update, click here.
.  09/04/07 - The Baltic Adventure has ended!   All 7 boats were loaded aboard the
.              m/v Slotergracht on 09/01/07 in Ijmuiden, NL.  They are now headed back
.              to the USA.  Estimated time of arrival in Newport, RI is 09/17/07.
.   09/09/07 -  A Summary Table of our Baltic Adventure - including ports of call, mileages
.                    and engine times (and some final words) - can be seen by  clicking here
.   09/25/07 - Sno' Dog Comes Home! The final page of our Baltic Adventure - Page 18
.             To see a MAP of our route,  click here - Page 1 - then scroll down.
m/v Slotergracht arrives in Newport
To follow our adventure from the beginning, Click Here - Pg 2    (Now a total of 19 Pages! )
10-25-07 - Departed Portsmouth, NH. We're headed south for the winter.
.               Click here to see NH - FL Log and photos
.   11-16-07 - We have arrived in FLORIDA!
.                   at Nettles Island.
.            Click here to see  Complete Log - NH to FL
.  12-01-07 -  Winter 2007-2008   FL & Nettles Island Photos - Page 1    Page 2
Nettles Island, Florida
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