Victoria, British Columbia -  Page 5
Victoria harbour at night, Capital building in background.  This city has the warmest average temperature in Canada!
High Tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria.  Very civilized!
Henry, Nancy, Belle & Dean. Our last formal dinner aboard the m/s Oosterdam
The stern of our ship - backed to within 10' of the parking lot in Victoria.
Victoria was our final port of call before returning to Seattle.  We docked at 7 AM, had breakfast (our final meal) at 8 and dissembarked by 10 AM.
By noon, the ship was taking on passengers for the next cruise - and feeding them lunch on board.  They don't miss a beat.  Most of the crew (from Indonesia and the Philippines) works a full year without any days off - guess they don't have to worry about stealing any US jobs!
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We only spent one evening in Victoria.  It appeared to be a lovely town with pretty old buildings and many flowers. 
I guess, especially among Canadians, it's a popular honeymoon destination, also because of its temperate climate a good retirement spot as well.  Which leads to the local saying,
   and flowerbeds!