ALASKA - Page 4Ketchikan
The bow of our ship dwarfs the main street of rainy Ketchikan, AK.   But it was good weather for "ducks" - see below.
The Amphibious Duck Tour was popular in Ketchikan. This tour (unlike the seaplane tours) was unaffected by rain.
Ketchikan, AK, a friendly -  but rainy - town
They started out using old Army Ducks, but with the popularity of these tours, they needed more, cheaper-to-operate vehicles. So they found a company in Michigan to build these facimilies based on 3500 GM van chassis. They were then driven to Seattle and loaded onto a ferry bound for Ketchikan.  Top speed on land 60 mph; in the water 6 mph.
Ketchikan Amphibous Duck loading passengers at the cruise dock
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