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A river of flowing ice!  The Taku Glacier near Juneau, one of the few glaciers which is growing at present.
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The Hubbard Glacier viewed across the stern of the Oosterdam
The blue color (actually "cyan") was amazing
While in Juneau, we took a helicopter tour to the nearby glaciers - complete with a landing on the Taku - see below.

Getting to this spot by any other means would take an heroic effort - by someone much younger than us!
Above: A small portion of the Taku glacier still calves (breaks off) in this spot where the river passes by.  But overall, this is one of the few glaciers in the world which is actually growing at the present time.
Above: That's Nancy, Nancy's mother Belle, step-father Dean McKusick and Henry posing in front of our "A-Star" on top of the Taku Glacier.  (Photo taken by the pilot).
At Left: The Hubbard Glacier at the head of Yakutat Bay some 300 miles north of Juneau.  The Oosterdam pulled up to within a quarter mile of the face of this glacier before turning around. Several times we heard a thunderous roar as the glacier moved. Exciting!
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Hubbard Glacier as seen from the bow of the Oosterdam