Airstreaming    -     Summer 2018
Along the banks of the St Lawrence Seaway near Brockville, Ontario
With our Airstream Landyacht, we followed along the water's edge whenever possible!
Driving north this spring from Florida, we had to choose to tow the boat or the
Airstream, as you can see, the Airstream won!  If you check our Facebook posts,
you'll see we followed a Western, inland route north through the mountains of
North Carolina and Virginia - even running up a section of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
To see photos of our northbound trip, see my
Facebook page and search my
Timeline for May 2018 (date choices appear as you start scrolling down.)
After getting back to New Hampshire, our first trip was to Naples, Maine.  
Photos from this trip can be seen at:
Airstreaming Page 4.
Our next mini adventure was an Airstream Rally at Lake Pemaquid near
Damariscotta, Maine - after which, we visited granddaughter Charlotte and family
in Blue Hill, ME.
Click for larger  image...
At the log cabin home of Charlotte and family in Blue Hill, Maine
Granddaughters Lucy & Georgia watching Addie enjoying a mud puddle - in Blue Hill
Our next Airstream adventure - in early July - was a trip north
to Ontario. First night was at the Branches of Niagra Campground
in Grand Island, NY.  Then, it was on to Canada to visit friends at
their summer cottage in Pointe-au-Baril on beautiful Georgian Bay.
Sunset glow at the Branches of Niagra Campground in Grand Island, NY
Sunset view from the porch of the Griggs' cottage on Georgian Bay - near Pointe au Baril, Ontario
Heading out to their summer cottage - with Harvey Griggs
at the helm of his new Rossiter 20 runabout.
Nancy with Kawartha (Black Cherry) ice-cream cone in
Parry Sound, Ontario  (They'd run out of Mango!)
Outside dining at Dianne's Fish Shack in Kingston,
Ontario - with a half-carafe of
excellent Rosé wine.
Grilling at our Beavermeade campsite in Peterboroug, ON - with our compact grill (that fits in our Airstream).
The famous Peterborough Lift Lock - the highest such lock in the world, built in 1904.
We've been through here in various boats several times over the years, it's always a thrill!
The flight of locks at the Kingston end of the Rideau Waterway.  We came
through here with our PDQ
Sno' Dog on our Delivery Flotilla Cruise in 2006.
Our pretty waterside campsite on the Rideau Waterway near Kingston, ON.
Addie misbehaving (looking for squirrels) at our Kingston, ON campsite.
Nancy joined the RV Quilters Facebook group - she gets lots of feedback.  
We even had an RV Quilter meet us (with cupcakes!) in Kingston, ON.
The view out the window at our lunch stop along the St Lawrence Seaway.
 (Click on the photo for a better picture of the freighter passing by.)
Our pretty campsite at the High Falls Campground in Chateaugay, NY
A short hike to the "High Falls" from our campsite in Chateaugay, NY
One of the giant wind turbines near our Chateaugay, NY campground.
Part of the
Jerico Rise Windfarm with a capacity of 75 MW - enough to
power 35,000 homes!  (So they say.)
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.     Camping in Maine - June 2018
In early August we headed out to join 150+ Airstreams at the Northeast Mountineers
an Airstream Rally sponsored by our chapter of the Wally Byam Airstream
- of which we are member number 6267 - hence the red numbers on our trailer.
A highlight of this 3-day affair was a side-trip to the Mt Washington Cog Railway
- the oldest cog railway in the world!  Originally powered by wood, then coal, now
biofuel - although they keep a couple of the old coal-burners going for nostalgia.
At the end of August, we headed North through Maine to the Canadia
Maritime Provinces - New Brunswick, Nova  Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Many photos of this trip were posted on Facebook by Nancy and me, you can
check them out -
by going to "August 2018" - on  my Facebook page.
Our field campsite at the New England Mountaineers Jamboree in North Haverhill, NH
Some remarkably shiny vintage Airstreams at the NH Jamboree Rally
Our effort at some night lighting at the Jamboree.
A drone shot of the outdoor Banquet at the 2018 Airstream Jamboree Rally - at the Fairground in North Haverhill, NH
One of the original coal-fired locomotives on the Mt Washington Cog RR
Inside the Mt Washington Cog RR going up. A train coming down visible through the front door.
View from the window going up, check out that 30* incline!
View from the top. One of the biodiesel cog RR trains coming up.  Mt Adams in the distance.
Nancy at the summit.  It was quite chilly up there!
Mt Washington summit, 6288 ft!  We used to test our wind turbines up here!
A lot of smoke (and pollution) from the coal-fireed locomotive!
Our ever-vigilant guard dog keeping watch out the Airstream window.
There's a suspicious-lookimg canoe out there!
On our way back from N. Haverhill, we stopped at Storrs Pond,
in our former hometown of
Hanover, NH.
Our beutiful (but very compact) campsite at Storrs Pond in Hanover, New Hampshire.
Addie loved running at full speed in the big open fields at Storrs Pond.
In September, we headed to France for a 10-day cruise on the inland waterways
Brittany. You can see pictures of that trip here.
In November, we headed South from New Hampshire to Florida - this time along the
Atlantic Coast.  Again, there are many photos on
Facebook, see Novemeber 2018.