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Another gorgeous waterside campsite - at the Sebastion Inlet State Park Campground
Sebastian Inlet State Park - just north of Vero Beach, FL.
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Not easy to do this time of year, but we were able to reserve (online at
ReserveAmerica) a couple of days at the Sebastian Inlet State Park Campground
- only an hour's drive north of our Nettles Island winter home.
Sebastian Inlet State Park is located on Rte A1A, the
same road as Nettles Island 40 miles to the south.
Dramatic storm clouds gathering behind our Sebastian Inlet campsite.  (We did get a 15-minute downpour.)
An osprey (I believe) eating his catch on top
of this convenient perch.
More campground wildlife - a racoon crossing the road.
Our first chance to display our new sign. (Lots of favorable comments.)
Cheese & crackers and wine - with a view!
Addie checking out the view.  She was actually more interested in the squirrels.
A sunset cruise - the view from our campsite.
On both days of our visit, we were treated to spetacular sunset views - right from our campsite.
This shot was taken from our trailer door!
And, at night we had a FULL MOON!
The Atlantic beach was a 10-minute walk from our campsite - but
dogs were not allowed on the beach.  This is as close as Addie got.
Addie did accompany us on several nature walks - here we are
exploring a mangrove swamp.  (Photo by Nancy, who called this
a Mango swamp!)
More Airstream adventures planned. Stay tuned...
Our next adventure is to the Bahamas - with kids and
grandkids.  Not by boat, or trailer - but we have reserved
Albury 23 for day trips in the Sea of Abaco once we
get over there - by plane.
We have also taken several day trips in our beloved Acadia
Belle - who might be fealing a bit ignored these days!
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