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Trusty foredeck crew ready and waiting for the next lock.  Our record for a single day was 26 locks!
On the Canal de la Marne au Rhin (Est)
Locking through effortlessly - using our one-line technique.  With a single spring line
running aft from the bow, and the engine idling in forward gear with the helm turned full
away from the wall, the boat stays put whether ascending or descending.  This eliminates
the constant tending of the lines.  (This is how we managed 26 locks in one day,)
           Nancy at work in our ample galley.  We never suffered meal-wise.
Note the radiator (behind Nancy), we were glad to have cabin heat on most nights.
Le petit déjeuner à bord - Breakfast on board the Saverne.  Nancy brought the
ingredients to make jam from peaches and strawberries bought along the way.
And, of course, we always had fresh baguettes and croissantes in the morning.
The remarkably ornate Cathederal of Saint Etienne in Toul.
After two days in Nancy, we followed the large Canalized Moselle
River north and west to the well-fortified city of Toul.  Here, we
stayed in the popular (among expats)
Port de France marina.
Here we're awaiting (in the fog) the 9 AM opening of the Embranchment-de-Nancy Canal.  It takes 18 locks from here (Richardménil) to get us back to the Marne-Rhine Canal.
Heading along the Nancy Branch Canal to the junction with the Marne-to-Rhine Canal.
A pretty Dutch barge emerging from the lock.  Like our Amarok, but the real thing.
Bank tie-up in Einville-au-Jard.  Note the caution "Alimentation" sign.  We
thought this meant food, but it turns out it means "food" for the canal!
Einville-au-Jard, a pretty stopping point back on the Marne-to-Rhine Canal
We encountered some very large boats on the Canalized Moselle near Toul.
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Waiting to go up the giant lock at Réchicourt-le-Château.
The Écluse de Réchicourt is the deepest small lock in France
with a lift of 15.4 meters - about 50 feet!  But it's easy to
transit thanks to its floating bollards.
Gilets de sauvetage are de rigueur in
the big French locks.
Entering the Tunnel d'Arzviller on the summit section of the Marne-Rhine Canal.
Following a slow-moving LeBoat through the Arzviller Tunnel.
Back at the Arzviller Inclined Plane which will take us down 146 feet to the canal below.
Back at Lutzelbourg on our last evening aboard.  Finally warm enough
for wine and cheese & crackers outside on deck.
On our last night in Lutzelbourg we celebrated with dinner at the local
café and a fancy dessert, this is what the French call a
Dame Blanche.
I loved the enthusiasm of these figures on the Autoroute rest area bathrooms.
Locaboat wanted us off the boat by 9 AM on our last morning, so we
headed out in our rental car and followed our tracks westward back
past Nancy and on to the Champagne capital of the world, Reims.
(Reims is actually the capital of the French Province of Champagne.)
In Reims, we stayed at the centrally-located and
inexpensive Residhome Appart Hotel.  From here, it was
a short walk to the touristy sites including the gigantic
Cathedral de Notre-Dame.
We never tired of looking at, and eating, those beautiful French pastries!
Some relatively modern and beautiful windows in the Reims Cathedral.
I spotted this boat at the PdP in Reims.  This is the kind of boat I'd chose if we
were to buy another canal boat in Europe. It appears to be a go-anywhere boat
with better handling than a heavy steel barge.  (The flag is Norwegian.)
Nancy chose the Escargots appetizer on our last night in Reims.
Aboard our Air France Boeing 777 - seven hours from Charles de Gaulle to Boston.
Day   Overnight    Distance    Locks
1 - Lutzelbourg        -             -
2 - Hesse                 18 km       4
3 - Lagarde             32 km       6
4 - Nancy                45 km      12
5 - Nancy                  -             -
6 - Toul                    34 km       7
7 - Richardménil     28 km       8
8 - Einville-au-Jard  32 km     26
9 - Gondexange         38 km     12
10 - Lutzelbourg       24 km      4
An excellent trip!  Mostly, everything
went smoothly - except for the German guy
who tried to get ahead of us at the lock!
And the weather - which could have been a
bit warmer and less rainy. But we were very
happy with Locaboat and our
, it certainly is nice to have inside
and outside steering positions - and heat!
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