Cakaro Delivey  -  Page 1
In which we cruise from Lake Huron to New York in a PDQ 34 - which is NOT Sno' Dog
A narrow stretch of the Canadian Trent-Severn Waterway just before the Big Chute.
Back in August, Dick Tuschick asked us if we'd like to
deliver a 2007 PDQ from Georgian Bay to the East Coast.
We thought about it for about 30 seconds and said YES!
The (original) Canadian owner wanted to sell his boat and
Beth at
RhumbLine Yachts thought there would be a
better market in Florida - so that's where the
Cakaro is
headed.  We agreed to take her as far as NYC.
Nancy and I, along with Adeline-the-dog, drove up to
Midland, Ontario where we found the boat docked at the
very pretty waterfront home of James & Jackie Power.
On 8 September 2016, after a quick provisioning run, we
set out for the first lock of the Trent-Severn Waterway -
about an hour's run to the east.
The Cakaro docked at the home of James & Jackie Power in Tay, Ontario
Addie keeping watch.
Arriving at the Big Chute Marine Railway.
After a couple of "normal" locks, we arrived at the
Big Chute Marine Railway, an exciting device that
carries you up and over a dam. One pupose of this
strange contraption is to prevent upstream and
downstream waters from mixing.
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Coming eventually...
Friendly lock-keepers on the Big Chute Marine RR.
Cakaro, and Addie, riding on the Big Chute Marine Railway.
Addie checking out sightseers as we ride up the Big Chute.
Coming down the other side - the boat remains level.
One of many beautiful waterfront "cottages" along the Waterway.
A swing bridge reflected in the calm waters of the TSW.
Our first overnight in Orillia.  (The fancy marina here had
"Closed for the Season" the day before our arrival!)
In the big lock at Swift Rapids.
Day 2 - Orillia to Bobcaygeon...
Heading out across Lk Simcoe, one of our larger open-water crossings.
 A highlight of our stay in Orillia was the Mariposa Bakery.
(We had tea & croissants - with Addie- at their outdoor tables.)
Click on photos to view larger.
Day 3 - Bobcaygeon to Lakefield...
One of the few narrow, straight stretches on the TSW - still pretty.
Arriving at the Kirkfield Lift Lock, the highest such lock in the world!
Nearing Bobcageon, rental houseboats started to appear in force!
In Bobcageon, we caught up with JP & Diane aboard Moonstruck.
JP & Diane seeing us off at the Bobcageon Lock - only 34 locks to go!
Nancy (and Addie) helping get us through Lock #30 in Lovesick - in the rain!
(This was a perfect trip for Addie, as you can see, there were plenty of places
for her to hop ashore for
quick "bathroom" breaks!)
Whenever we saw a Kawartha
sign, we had to stop.  Nancy's
favorite ice-cream!
Three seaplanes - and a Dutch flag - at this waterfront house.  And a boathouse too!
Docked in Lakefield, our first tie-up with shore power.  Addie in the spotlight!
Day 1 - Log Summary: 34.8 nm,  5.1 eng hrs
Addie - on the job!
Day 2 - Log Summary:
50.8 nm,  7.2 eng hrs
Day 3 - Log Summary:
34.8 nm,  3.8 eng hrs
We stopped early (1 PM)
in Lakefield because of
Tornado Warnings! But we
only got some rain, then a
pretty sunset.
So far, the scenery has
been gorgeous - despite
some rainy weather.
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