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During the last week of August, we came back to pack up our belongings from #1300 and move them into James' Pitbull trailer.
(We are not allowed to put them into our new house until we have an official Certificate of Occupancy.)
Even though we left most of our furniture, there was a surprising amount of
stuff to pack up.  That's what happens when you live in a house for 9 years!
Good bye 1300!  This is how it looked after we packed up.
The outside is almost finished.  We're happy with the stucco and trim accent colors.
Our front door - tucked well back undercover.
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Another view of the "ground floor". The double side doors will allow golf cart storage.
Naturally, there was a torrential downpour just as our appliances arrived!
Our Kitchen cabinets (from Home Depot) mostly installed.
Great water-view from the Kitchen/Dining/Living area.
View from the Master Bath - best view in the house!
The south-east side of the house.  We're hoping to dock our boat near here!
The interior paint colors
we chose before we left.
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September/October Update...
Photo Journal of progress on our new house at Nettles Island...
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. PDQ Cakaro on the Trent-Severn Waterway
Some recent photos sent by our GC,
James Newman (JWN Builders, LLC)
Exterior stucco and trim finished - even a house number!  
Front driveway concrete ready to pour.
Kitchen cabinets and countertops installed - along with most of the appliances.
Close-up of our island countertop - it's "Brassa Blue" granite.  
.        (We like the "Milky Way" effect down the middle.)
Blue-green porcelain tile in the master bath shower.
Sturdy-looking supports under our east-facing deck.
The deck taking shape - there should be a great-view from up here.
We're hoping to talk Nettles Island Marina into adding a slip (with
boat lift) in that last spot along the south wall - so our boat could
end up (almost) in front of our house!
As of mid-October, we're still waiting for that illusive
Certificate of Occupancy.  I gather the biggest hold-up now is
the railing on the deck and stairs.  These are being custom-made
by an aluminum fabricator; they must be checked for fit then
sent out for powder-coating.  Not a quick process!
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