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February 2009  -  Florida -  Pg 2
Welcome to the Florida Keys...
Heading down the "inside" Florida Bay route.  Not quite the clarity of the Bahamas, but the color was pretty amazing!
A not-so-shallow-draft cruiser leaving an impressive sand wake as he passed us.
02/19/09 - 12 noon - Dep. Dinner Key Marina
                 Decided to take the "inside / Florida Bay" route
                 4:45 PM - Arr:
Key Largo, FL (Temp 82*)
                 Gilbert's Family Paradise Island Resort (!)

02/20/09 - 10:15 AM - Dep. Paradise Island
                2:15 PM - Arr:
Isla Morada, Upper Matecumbe
FL - Lorelei's Restaurant dock
   We're in the Keys now!  Sunset celebration in progress!

02/21/09 - 11:15 AM - Dep. Isla Morada Yacht Basin
                 2:00 PM - Arr: Boot Key Harbor,
Marathon, FL
                         said Hi to Walkers aboard PDQ
                      Met up with Tuschicks aboard PDQ
                      we all got together for dinner at Burdines.
The Log of Sno' Dog Continues...  Onward to the
Florida Keys
After a couple nights in (very upscale) Coconut Grove, we headed south into Biscayne Bay. Taking advantage of our shoal draft, we decided on the "inside" Florida Bay route to the Keys.
Henry & Madison enjoying the first of many Keys sunsets.
Snow dog, Madison in her favorite cruising position!
Sunset celebrations are big in the Keys!  This is Lorelei's Restaurant in Islamorada.  A great "island band" entertained us.
02/22/09 - Stayed at Marathon Marina.  Another PDQ
                get together, this time aboard
Sno' Dog with
                Tuschicks, Walkers & Spiers of
Pea Kay

02/23/09 - Again in Marathon. We went by boat with the
              Tuschicks to the Key Coloney Beach home of
             PDQ 34-101 owners Ben Scotkin & Joyce Brewer.
            Their PDQ is named
Feline Purrfect, but they also
            have a 34' Glacier Bay powercat,
Feline Better!
The NAUTILIMO water limo at Lorelei's in Islamorada.
As always, you can click on the small photos to see them bigger.
What's going on here?  Birds aligned in perfect rows!
A view of the Overseas Highway (US Rte 1) from Florida Bay - between Long Key & Duck Key
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Madison & Sno' Dog arriving in Marathon
Tom Walker shows off his 2-tailed-cat logo aboard ThomKat
PDQ-owner get-together at Burdines Restaurant in Marathon
   Nancy making guacamole in preparation for a PDQ
.    sunset get-together aboard Sno' Dog - see photos below
(Mouse over above photo to see Nancy doing same thing 25 yrs ago!)
Sunset guacamole rendezvous aboard Sno' Dog.  Left-to-right:  Anice (ThomKat), Kathy (Pea Kay), Tom Walker (ThomKat), Dick (Heron),
  Phil (
Pea Kay), Carol (Heron), Nancy & Madison (Sno' Dog)
The party continues as the light fades...
click on photo to see larger
PDQ owner Ben Scotkin aboard his Glacier Bay powercat
Ben & Joyces's license plate, their PDQ is hull No. 101
Yet another sunset!  Seems like a daily occurrence here in Marathon.
The Holy Grail of sunset watchers, the illusive Green Flash caught on film!
Nancy & Madison with a group of sunset watchers/conch horn blowers
                                             in the background.
2/24/09 - Lots of photos and not much travel log
              as we hang out in
Marathon and
              schmooz with friendly PDQ people!

              Happy/Joyeux/Feliz Mardi Gras!
So many sunsets, and we haven't even been to Key West yet!
02/25/09 - Because of strong NE winds, we rented
                a car and drive down to Key West.
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