Summer 2008
Block Island - Pg 2
It wasn't long before Nancy discovered this place.
  Here she is entering the forbidden portal!
Here we are at the First Annual Block Island PDQ Rendezvous hosted by Beth & Dave Simkins and Dick & Carol Tuschick
At the Rendezvous Lobster Dinner, we were the incredibly lucky winner of the grand door prize:  a Garmin Nuvi GPS navigator (contributed by Pat Burke of Pearson Composites).  When we turned it on aboard Sno' Dog at the dock, it said: "Please drive to higher ground!"
Above is the picture it showed us as we left Great Salt Pond on Sunday morning.
After a fun-filled three days, we headed back to Newport where we said goodbye to Ann & Paul.  We then continued eastward, but got only as far as Sakonnet Point when a rip-roaring thunderstorm hit.  Fortunately, we were able to duck into the harbor and tie up at the Sakonnet Point Marina just seconds before all hell broke loose. The photo at right was taken between storms, another one hit a couple hours later.
We took shelter in Sakonnet harbor as a group of severe thunderstorms rolled through.
The next morning, the sun rose over calm seas and we headed northeast into Buzzards Bay.  We timed our arrival at the Cape Canal to coincide with a favorable current and we zoomed on through to Cape Cod Bay where we found calm waters, but once again, FOG.  This gave us a good chance to play with our radar and we successfully activated the built-in targeting system which automatically tracks multiple targets and warns you when you're on a collision course.  Very cool!  Only a few years ago, this was the exclusive province of ocean liners and megayachts. (See chart read-out below).
Approaching the very distinctive Bourne Bridge on the CC Canal
Docked at the Studio Restaurant in Gloucester, Mass.
Our Raymamarine E-120 screen showing radar targets.
        (Click on the photo to see a larger image.)
Sunset in Gloucester harbor.  Our last stop before returning home to Portsmouth the next day.
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