New Hampshire to Florida - October / November
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   Official Log of Sno' Dog - Portsmouth, NH to Jensen Beach, FL - Fall 2008
10-22-08 - 8:20 AM  Depart Great Bay Marine, Newington, NH
                8:50  AM  at mouth of the Piscataqua River, wind NNE 25 kts
              10:45  AM   passing
twin lights off Cape Ann - seas building!
                2:10  PM   east end of Cape Cod Canal - whew!
                5:30 PM   Arr: 
Sakonnet, RI - Sakonnet Point Club dock
                Today: 118 n mi. -  Eng: 9.4  hrs

10-23-08 - 7:00 AM  Depart Sakonnet, RI  (Temp 34)
                8:00 AM  off  Point Judith, RI
                9:15 AM  off  Watch Hill, RI - enter LI Sound, calmer water
                2:30  PM  Arr:
Norwalk, CT - Norwalk Cove Marina
Filled Fuel tanks: 116.3 gal - Ave. Mileage: 2.3 n mi/gal
                Today:  98.2 n mi. -  Eng: 7.9 hrs 

10-24-08 - 7:30 AM  Depart Norwalk, CT  (Temp 31, Ice on deck!)
                9:20 AM  pass under Throgs Neck Bridge
               10:15 AM  pass under Brooklyn Bridge
               10:40 AM  pass under Verazano Narrows Bridge
               11:15 AM  off Sandy Hook, NJ
               12:45 PM  off Manasquan Inlet, NJ
                 4:30 PM  Arr:
Atlantic City, NJ - State Aquarium Dock
                 Docked next to PDQ 34
Tumbleweed I - Roger & Erika
                 from Ottawa, Ontario.  We went out to dinner together. 
               Today: 115.7 n mi.  -  Eng: 9.0 hrs

10-25-08 - Stayed at Atlantic City due to high winds (SSE 35 kts)
                and driving rain!  Yuck.
View from the cockpit!  35-knot winds with gusts to 40, seas were reported at 9 feet in Boston Bay, site of this mid-morning photo.
Our departure had already been postponed a couple of days, and I had a date to meet Nancy in Norfolk on October 30th, so despite Gale Warnings, I headed out dauntlessly in Sno' Dog on Wednesday morning to begin our annual southerly migration.  I certainly wouldn't have done it had the winds had been from the other direction, but I figured I could handle 35-kt tail-winds.  It was a bit
View out the window crossing Boston Bay
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Finally, a peaceful sunset!  In Norwalk, CT
exciting, but Sno' Dog proved once again that she could handle the rough stuff!  Not only did we have 35-knot winds and 9-foot seas, we also had rain most of the first day and the temperature never got over 40 degrees.  It sure was nice to have heat!  Here's the log...
Hell Gate Bridge entering E. River and NYC
A beached boat on Sandy Hook - fishing a bit too close to the shore perhaps?
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10-26-08 - 8:25 AM - Depart Atlantic City - with Tumbleweed I
                Because of high seas, we decided to go inside on the ICW
               10:00 AM - passing Margate City - bridges in poor repair,
                                  we weren't sure if some of them could open.
                1:45 PM - made it successfully to
Cape May, NJ
                2:00 PM - docked at the friendly Utsch's Marina - along
Tumbleweed I, decided to postpone the
                                Deleware Bay passage until tomorow...
               Today:  40.9 n mi.  -  Eng:  5.7 hrs
Tumbleweed I follows us through a semi-functioning bridge on the NJ ICW
Wind turbines along the ICW in Atlantic City
10-27-08 - 7:30 AM - Dep Cape May, headed for Cape May Canal
                8:00 AM - enter Delaware Bay, wind: W 10 kts
              11:15 AM - enter C & D Canal, wind NW 20 kts
                3:30 PM - Arr:
Annapolis, MD - Temp 45, wind  NW 25 kts,
                                with rain!  Docked at Annapolis Landing Marina
Filled Fuel Tanks: 110.2 gallons - 260 n mi fr CT fillup
          Today:  99.5  n mi.  -  Eng: 8.1  hrs
10-28-08 - 8:40 AM - Dep Annapolis, Back Creek
                 wind NW 25 kts with rain! Gale Warning
                 for Chesapeake Bay, wind 25-35 kts, gusts to 45!
                10:30 AM - off  Breeze Point!!!  Wind howling!
                11:45 AM - off Cove Point, cushions stowed
                12:30 PM - Arr: 
Solomons, MD
                12:45 PM - Tied up at the Calvert Marina - Whew!
                                Wind 25-30 kts, 52, whitecaps in harbor!
                Today: 42.3 n mi.  -  Eng: 4.3 hrs

10-29-08 - 10:30 M - Dep Solomons (after grocery run)
                12:10 PM - off  Pt. Lookout - Potomac R.
                wind W 20-25 kts, not quite as bad as yesterday!
                2:45 PM - Arr: Broad Creek,
Deltaville, VA
                               docked at Dozier's Regatta Pt. Marina
                               The cruising guide says boats outnumber
                               residents here by four to one!
                               My kind of town! 
                Today: 50.0 n mi.  -  Eng: 4.5 hrs

10-30-08 - 9:50 AM - Dep Deltaville, Temp 40, wind NW 20!
               12:30 PM - Saw 1st Pelican!
                 2:00 PM - Arr: Waterside Marina,
Norfolk, VA
                                Not as rough as previous days, wind more aft
                                Nancy flying in here tonight, yeah!
              Today: 44.7 n mi.  -  Eng: 4.8 hrs
A dramatically riled up Chesapeake Bay off Cove Point
The very visable nuke plant at the head of Delaware Bay
The northwest wind started to kick in here, note whitecaps.
Inside View... This is where I spent most of my time for the past seven days.  It's good to have such a comfortable and warm inside steering station when the weather is bad.
Here, I'm headed down the Chesapeake with 25-kt winds on the starboard quarter.  The auto-pilot has worked admirably on this rougher-than-usual trip.  Hopefully, the trip south from Norfolk will be a bit more peaceful.
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