Portsmouth, New Hampshire     -   December 2008
Our "new" house at 21 Madison Street in Portsmouth, NH.  This was the scene as of December 22, 2008
After taking Sno' Dog south for the winter, we left her at Nettles Island Marina and flew back to New Hampshire just in time for a cold (15) Thanksgiving.  Our mission was to move from Hanover (where we have spent the last 32 years) to our new house in Portsmouth, NH.  It only took us a month!  By Christmas, we were pretty well settled in.  Nancy managed to fit in another Operation Smile mission to Ethiopia in mid-December.  Fortunately for her, she missed the great ice storm of 2008 which caused Portsmouth to loose power for 48 hours - the longest outage on record for the city!  The ice storm was followed by arctic weather and two snow storms, so by Christmas, although it was very pretty, we were more than ready to head south.
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On December 28th, we departed Portsmouth with Madison-the-dog and Benie-the-cat and drove 2 1/2 days to Jensen Beach, FL.  We were greeted by 78 temps and clear skies; Sno' Dog appeared none the worse for wear after our 5-week absence.  We're glad to be back.  We look forward to heading out to the Bahamas in February.
Our new Madison Street house without the snow
Click on photo for a larger image.
                 Happy New Year!
We look forward to January 20, 2009  -  The end of an error !
Now, I suppose it's time to change Sno' Dog's home port...
Sno' Dog's transom, old & new. (This is a Photoshop simulation, but hopefully soon to be reality.)
01-18-09  Update... Removed the old letters and installed the new home-port letters. See photo below.
                        (The new lettering was done by a friendly local company,
Seamaid Boat Lettering.)
An actual photo (not Photoshop) of Sno' Dog's new homeport lettering
This guy kept watch while I applied the letters
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