2007 Baltic Adventure
the Netherlands
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Touring Holland - on foot and by train.  The last few days of our...
The Zaanse Schans windmill museum on the river Zaan near Zaandam
Birds-eye view of Delft - from the top of the Nieuwe Kerk - 476 steps!
These windmills are fully operational - and open to visitors
It was great to go inside and climb up and see the shafts and gears.
      Each wooden gear tooth is individually replaceable - very cool!
At the Zaanse Schans windmill museum with Nancy & parents
A duck leaving a trail in the blue-green pond algae
Delft is an easy day trip by train from Amsterdam.  I climbed to the top of the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) to take this photo.
I could actually see the Atlantic Ocean over the dunes in the haze.
The Nieuwe Kerk       in Delft
A canal boat winds through the small canals of Delft
View from inside the Nieuwe Kerk
A "Smart Car" parked along the canal in Delft.
  Notice the complete lack of guard rails here!
Hard to fill these shoes!
For now, at least, this is the last page of of photos from our 2007 Baltic Adventure (in Europe).
When I have time, I may add to the collection. I took well over 2000 photos!  
HMC - 09/09/07    
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An interesting art object in Delft - from the front it appears
  heart shaped.  I assume the color represents Delft blue.
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From Amsterdam's Central Station, DELFT was about a 45-minute train ride.  We spent a most enjoyable day there.
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