2007 Baltic Adventure
the Netherlands
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The amazingly colorful, and crowded, town of Urk.  Still, we were able, once again, to find space for our three outsized boats.
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Nancy serving homemade fish chowder aboard Sno' Dog as we celebrate her mother's 81st birthday.  Joining us are Peter & Jeanne from Watermelon and Paul & Ann from Horizons.
Who says you can't seat eight people in a PDQ dinette?
View of Urk - looking east - from the top of the lighthouse
Sixty years ago, Urk was a 2-acre island - a small fishing village with a lighthouse - some 10 miles offshore in the ZuiderZee. Now, it's part of the mainland, but it still remains a unique and picturesque port - on the Ijsselmeer.
From here, we headed back through the locks and along the protected waters of the newly-created Flevoland polder.  We stopped first in Elburg, then the following night, in Spakenburg.  In both towns we were able to find spots for all three of us on the wall  - in the heart of the towns. Gorgeous!
Heading out of Urk
Our last country!
Our three PDQ's lined up on the wall in downtown Elburg - a beautifully preserved 13-century town complete with a moat!
A rare wind-less day on the Randmeren, the boters are trying to race.
Nancy's mother feeding the ducks - and  birds!
(note birds on rail - click on photo to see better)
In Nieuwersluis, 10 miles up the Vecht river, we met up with our Dutch friends, Gonny & Robert Bootz, from 20 years ago when we used to keep our canal  barge in nearby Oude Loosedrecht - a very fun reunion.
Spakenburg, another lovely scenic Dutch town
Our boats lined up in Six-Haven just across from Amsterdam
Nancy's mother, Belle and step-father, Dean McKusick
On August 26th - after traveling 7 1/2 weeks and 1168 nautical miles (155 hours engine time) - we arrived in Amsterdam!  Along with Horizons and Watermelon, we found space in the very crowded Six Haven marina right across the Ij river from the city. (The other boats were a few days behind us - they showed up by mid-week.)
With a few days to spare before the loading of boats. we spent some time exploring Amsterdam and the surrounding area.  We took the obligatory canal boat tour and we even went, with Nancy's parents in tow, to the infamous Red Light district.  Nancy felt a bit odd doing this with her mother, but they both seemed to enjoy it. There's no other place quite like Amsterdam!  For more Holland photos, click here.
Our "Hello (Good Bye?) from Amsterdam" postcard
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Our boats were loaded aboard Sevenstar's m/v Slotergracht in Ijmuden, NL on September 1st. As we were scheduled to fly home on the same day, we tossed our keys to Rob Poirier (and Salwa) who took our boat from Amsterdam to Ijmuiden - some 20 miles via the North Sea Canal - for loading.  Sno' Dog is slated to be unloaded in Newport, RI on September 17, 2007
In case you missed it...
see Amsterdam
Window Girl
View from the ferry terminal near Six Haven looking across the Ij toward Amsterdam.  A free ferry ran every 15 minutes from here.
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